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U.S. Open 2019 Day 10 live scores, updates and commentary - Semi-final line-up to be confirmed on Day 10

Live Tennis Staff in News 4 Sep 2019
  • Live scores, updates and commentary on Day 10 of the 2019 U.S. Open, Wednesday September 4
  • Bencic vs Vekic, Monfils vs Berrettini, Andreescu vs Mertens & Nadal vs Schwartzman in feature quarter-final matches
  • Play begins live from New York at 11.00am local time (4.00pm BST) - (12.00pm local time/5.00pm BST for Arthur Ashe Stadium)
US Open Day 10 (PA Images)

US Open live blog: day ten

20:50 04 Sep

Apologies for the lack of updates

We're having some technical issues and as a result have had to suspend the live blog entirely.

Hopefully we'll be back online later - in the meantime, we're still giving live updates on Monfils vs Berrettini at the @livetennis twitter so please join us there!
19:58 04 Sep

Monfils breaks to open second set

Poor start to the second set for Berrettini - Monfils slaps a 79mph forehand return winner past him for 15-30, and Berrettini makes a forehand error for two break points before rather tamely double faulting.

The Italian points to his head. It's redundant - we can all see his brain is all over the place right now.
19:52 04 Sep

SET Monfils leads 6-3

Berrettini holds from 0-30 to force Monfils to serve it out, but given the Frenchman has only lost a handful of points on serve so far, that doesn't look like it's going to be a big problem.

Monfils's superb defense forces an error from Berrettini on a dipping ball at net, then Monfils shows him how it's done, racing up to the net and sliding softly into a drop volley for three set points.

Berrettini manages to land a blow off his forehand wing to get on the board in this game, but Monfils injects pace on the backhand to take the first set. Very businesslike, efficient display.
19:47 04 Sep

Monfils consolidates to love for 5-2

A confident hold from Monfils - Berrettini looks a bit exposed right now because he's ramping up the pace on his forehand to try to hit through Monfils (a fool's errand at the best of times) but it's not working and it's leading to too many unforced errors.
19:43 04 Sep

Monfils breaks to lead 4-2

Again Berrettini finds himself in trouble on serve, pegged back from 40-15 to deuce after Monfils attacks his floating slice and a double fault.

Again Berrettini comes up with an ace under pressure for game point - then he's on top of a great rally, finding a short angle to work Monfils off court then attacking the net, but misses his attempted drop shot. Trademark Monfils defense in that 18-shot rally, and it shows in the next rally as Berrettini, a little desperately, overhits on the forehand. Break point no. 2 for the Monfils.

And Berrettini makes back-to-back forehand errors as Monfils stands back and lets him hit out on the return.
19:31 04 Sep

Berrettini saves break point, holds for 2-2

Monfils has his first look on the Berrettini serve at 1-2 as the Italian goes down 0-30, but Berrettini levels with a deep second serve and a smash.

A snatched forehand puts him down break point, though - erased with an ace down the T at 130mph. 

Berrettini is swiftly up to the net and softly drops a short return over which Monfils chases down but can't return - poor footwork sees him butcher a backhand slice into the net to be pegged back to deuce though.

He holds though after a sharp exchange of backhand slices. 
19:21 04 Sep

Live now! Gael Monfils vs Matteo Berrettini

The second quarterfinal of the day is underway with Monfils serving to open against Berrettini.

It's the first meeting between the flamboyant Frenchman, who has been on unusually disciplined form as he tries to make his second US Open semifinal, and the fast-rising, big-serving Italian.
19:07 04 Sep

Bencic the first winner of the day - who's next?

Gael Monfils and Matteo Berrettini meet for the first time shortly ...we await both men on Arthur Ashe Stadium.
18:58 04 Sep

Bencic on her dad/coach: 'I think he almost died today of heart attacks.'

'I'm sure off the court we are friends still,' a beaming Bencic says after the match. 

She talks about the perspective she's gained from her injury struggles: 'When you can't play, you miss it so much.'

'I just really like the challenge,' she says about playing well on the big stages. 'I think some players are a little afraid of the big courts but for me it's even more motivation.'

On her dad/coach: 'I think he almost died today of heart attacks.'
18:49 04 Sep

GSM Belinda Bencic d. Donna Vekic 7-6(5), 6-3

You can bet that Bencic is going to go on the attack in this service game at 3-5 to try to break it out rather than serving for it - and she's quickly up 0-30 after a good return for a forced error, and a dispirited forehand long from Vekic.

The Croatian, who of course came back from a set and 3-5 down against Julia Goerges in the last round, finds her first ace of the set for 15-30, but misses a forehand and it's two match points ...

Fantastic rally from Vekic to save the first, finally outmaneouvring Bencic to get to the net and send a drive volley cross-court. And a gorgeous serve and forehand winner combination to save the second!

A third straight forehand winner gets Vekic to game point, but she can't convert as Bencic overwhelms her defense for an error when stretched wide to her forehand wing. Deuce.

Oh no - a third match point for Bencic as Vekic's cross-court forehand hits the tape and floats wide. And Bencic gets the win as Vekic's forehand goes wide!
18:46 04 Sep

Bencic holds from 15-30 to lead 5-3

Vekic goes on the attack, and climbs to 15-30 as she wins a tremendous rally ending with a clean inside-out forehand winner. At 18 shots, that was the longest rally of a match that has not seen too many of them,

Bencic responds with a forehand winner of her own after setting up the short ball with a good serve, going back behind the less mobile Vekic for 30-30.

She finds her eighth ace for 40-30 and soaks up good pressure from Vekic to get the error and lead 5-3.
18:44 04 Sep

Bencic closing in on the win

After having two break points on Vekic's serve at 2-2 and being unable to convert, Bencic breaks to love as Vekic throws in a horror service game.

She's two holds of serve away from the US Open semifinals ...
18:23 04 Sep

1-1 in the second - Bencic benefits from bizarre net cord

Vekic with a solid hold to open the second set and has a look at Bencic's serve at 30-30, only for the Swiss player to benefit from one of the more bizarre net cords you'll ever see.

Bencic serves her seventh double fault after that, but finds an ace and a big delivery to level at 1-1.
18:07 04 Sep

SET Bencic leads 7-6(5)

Vekic has the momentum after saving that set point and gutting out that tough hold with some great serving, and she immediately goes up a mini-break for 1-0 as Bencic nets a backhand.

She can't find a first serve though and Bencic goes on the attack behind the return for 1-1. Vekic fumes.

Terrific return from Bencic gets a better response from Vekic- that improved footwork really showing as she races up to a short, sharp-angled ball and returns it with a sharper angle to get the error from Bencic. 2-1.

Bencic levels up at 2-2 as Vekic lines up but nets a backhand up the line, and aces for 3-2.

Mini-break Bencic as Vekic's second serve elicits a deep return and a backhand error - she's up 4-2 as they change ends. Will that be the significant moment in this tense, close set?

Vekic lands a good serve to keep it close for 3-4, but Bencic finds a great serve into the corner to the Vekic backhand and sending the forehand winner into the open court for 5-3. Then Vekic has a huge opportunity on a second serve, but gets the return wildly wrong and it's set points for Bencic at 6-3 ...

Vekic chases down a short return and winners for 4-6, and finds her third ace of the set. Three set points saved now by the Croatian but Bencic will have one on her serve for the first time ...

Bencic can't find a first serve and Vekic does land a deep return, but misses a forehand on the next shot.
18:02 04 Sep

Vekic saves set point, holds to 6-6 - tie-break time!

Bencic is quickly up 0-30 after a good return forces the error, but Vekic responds with a long, well-played rally, pummeling Bencic's backhand in a 13-shot rally to set up space for her own backhand winner for 15-30.

Another fearless sequence from Vekic off the forehand wing this time to force the error from Bencic for 30-30, again pinning the Swiss star in her backhand corner.

But it's set point for Bencic after a backhand error from the Croatian - saved though by a big serve from Vekic which sets up a short ball for a forehand winner.

Another big serve takes her to game point - Bencic challenging the 'out' call on her return - and it's in! The point will be replayed, which is unfortunate for Bencic as that was a really great baseline-grazing backhand return down the line. 

Game point it is though as Vekic lands another good serve and second shot, getting a defensive slice forehand from Bencic, and another fantastic serve from the Croatian at 113mph takes us to a tie-break.
17:57 04 Sep

Bencic holds to lead 6-5 - can Vekic take this to a tie-break?

Vekic tries to exorcise some frustration with a forehand return but misses it long down the line, and Bencic is quickly up 40-0, only to double fault - her fourth.

But closes out the game with a lovely serve and forehand winner combo and now Vekic will have to serve to stay in the set ...
17:53 04 Sep

Bencic breaks back for 5-5

Bencic immediately goes on the attack with a big backhand return for 0-15, but although she's on top of the rally on the next point, Vekic stays in it with some desperate but gritty defense and Bencic nets trying to hit through her. That is exactly the opposite to how this match-up is supposed to work and flags up the tremendous improvement in Vekic's footwork and defense.

The Croatian double faults wildly for 15-30, but slams a forehand winner cross-court (her seventh of the set) for 30-30.

Bencic steps in for a gorgeous, if ill-tempered, forehand winner for her first break point - and converts as Vekic nets a backhand off a deep return.
17:46 04 Sep

Vekic breaks to lead 5-4 after two DFs from Bencic

Bencic is distracted by a spectator wandering in and double faults for 15-15, but finds a good serve and a fourth ace for 40-15. A hold here leaves Vekic serving to stay in the set. 

Bencic misses a forehand swing off a defensive lob for 40-30, and Vekic lands a baseline-grazing return which sets her up for a sharp cross-court forehand angle for deuce.

And Bencic double faults to give up the first break point of this match ... and Vekic will serve for the first set as Bencic misses her backhand!
17:40 04 Sep

Vekic holds for 4-4 with big forehand down the line

Both women are winning over 80% of points behind their first serve at the moment, which makes it absolutely crucial to capitalize on any look they get at their opponent's second serve, and Bencic does just that for 15-15. Vekic responds with a nice change-up, throwing in a surprise drop shot winner behind the serve for 30-15, and finds a good serve wide to the Bencic backhand for two game points.

Seeing a second serve, Bencic uses the same play as she did earlier in the game to force a groundstroke error from Vekic and narrow the gap - and another second serve gets another deep return, another backhand shading long. Bencic having a lot of success with deep returns right to Vekic's feet.

Bencic wastes a second serve on the next point, though, going for too much on a backhand return down the line and shading long, and Vekic has game point, holding with a fantastic forehand winner down the line as Bencic tries to pull her wide.
17:35 04 Sep

No break points so far as Bencic leads 4-3

Vekic's serve is really holding up much better than I would have predicted in the early stages of this one, and she's showing willingness to build points too, doing just that to forge into the court and put away a short ball with a flashing forehand to hold to love for 3-3.

Having said that, she has a real chance to unleash a venomous forehand return on Bencic's second serve at 30-0, and dances around her backhand to do so, but slaps it into the net. Bencic double-faulted seven times against Osaka and Vekic has to make her nervous and wary on that second serve.

At 40-0, however, Vekic goes for and makes that second-serve forehand return, landing an 82mph screamer which Bencic can't return - and then the umpire correctly overrules to ratify a double fault for 40-30.

Good response from Bencic, who goes hard into the Vekic backhand for an error to hold.
17:28 04 Sep

Back-to-back aces from Bencic for 3-2

Important statistical update: Bencic's first bout of angry yelling at her dad came precisely four games and two points into this match. If you're new to Bencic, then you might expect she shares the glacial calm of compatriot Roger Federer. This is emphatically not the case.

Blowing off steam does seem to help her, though, and she serves back-to-back aces for 3-2.
17:25 04 Sep

Bencic's forehand erratic early - Vekic holds to 30 for 2-2

Bencic plays so well against higher-ranked opponents - witness her 9-7 record vs top-10 players this season - but can struggle when up against someone she's expected to beat, and she may well feel that way about Vekic.

She starts Vekic's service game by snatching at a forehand, but plays two beautiful points, stretching Vekic wide to the forehand for errors - something she did with tremendous success against Naomi Osaka, and Osaka is more athletic than Vekic.

Bencic tries for a clean return winner down the line on second serve at 30-30 and misses long - she's not got the range on her forehand that she did against Osaka, and Vekic aces for 2-2.
17:20 04 Sep

Holds to love for both women for 2-1

Vekic with a much smoother hold to get on the board, holding to love for 1-1.

Nice recovery from Bencic from a deep central return from Vekic, soaking up the pace and getting the error for 30-0, and a pair of good serves for her own hold to love.
17:15 04 Sep

Bencic pushed to deuce but holds to open

Bencic serving to open - can the new Swiss Miss give a boost to her compatriots after the exits of Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka?

Vekic hits an inside-out forehand winner for 0-15 and gets to 30-30 with a deep return to force the error from Bencic, but pulls an attempt at another inside-in forehand winner wide. 

Deuce though as Bencic overpresses on a forehand, but her first ace down the T brings her to game point and Vekic nets a second-serve return to see the 22-year-old Swiss hold to open.
17:05 04 Sep

Bencic vs Vekic up first

It's the battle of resurgent former teen phenoms first up on Arthur Ashe.

Belinda Bencic made her first US Open quarterfinal in 2014 when she was the youngest woman since Martina Hingis to do so - it's taken her five years to get back here. But she's having a fantastic year, claiming the Dubai title, reaching the Mallorca final, and at this year's US Open, ousting defending champion and top seed Naomi Osaka.

Donna Vekic was a top-100 player by the time she was 16 but taking root in the top echelons has been a recent - and painful, lengthy - endeavour. Working with Angelique Kerber's former coach Torben Beltz, she's won an awful lot of matches this year and saved match point against Julia Goerges in the fourth round to make her first Grand Slam quarterfinal.

The head-to-head: 1-1. Bencic won when they met in 2014 - Vekic won 6-4, 6-1 at the French Open this year.
17:00 04 Sep

What's coming up on day nine

Any minute now the players will be taking to Arthur Ashe Stadium - here's the singles lineup for day 10. 

As always please click the links for in-depth analysis of each match!

From 12 pm local/5pm BST:

16:45 04 Sep

US Open live blog: Day 10

Hello! And welcome to the live blog for day 10 at the 2019 US Open, otherwise known as: Today, Wednesday 4 September. Otherwise known as: Quarterfinals day part 2.

Serena Williams, Elina Svitolina, Grigor Dimitrov and Daniil Medvedev have all booked places in the semifinals but who will join them? Rafael Nadal, Bianca Andreescu, Gael Monfils and Belinda Bencic are among those hoping to do just that today.

Play starts in minutes, so please join us for rolling updates, commentary, analysis and a few terrible jokes ... Hannah Wilks (@newballsplease) on the mic for now with 'Leye Aduloju and then Andrew Hendrie taking over later.

You can also follow our updates via the @livetennis twitter account but we do things in more detail here.

(geo restrictions apply; funded account required or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to qualify)

With Roger Federer’s shock exit on Tuesday night to Grigor Dimitrov, there is only one player left in both the men’s and women’s draws that have played a Grand Slam final.

Indeed, Serena Williams is the last woman standing who has experience of playing a major final, while Rafael Nadal is the only remaining man who has competed in a slam showpiece.

The Spaniard will be aiming to avoid following Federer and Novak Djokovic out of the tournament when he takes to Arthur Ashe Stadium tonight to face dogged 20th seed Diego Schwartzman. Nadal is the overwhelming favourite to secure a fourth U.S. Open title with Djokovic and Federer out of the way, but he knows he can’t afford to underestimate Schwartzman, who has made the quarter-finals of the U.S. Open before and taken sets off the Spaniard in Grand Slams more than once. It’s one of those matches that Nadal knows only his best will be enough to confirm victory.

Belinda Bencic and Donna Vekic launch all of the quarter-final action in the first match of the day. Bencic is back at full fitness following a long spell with various injuries and she’s showing what she can do at her best, knocking out defending champion and World No. 1 Naomi Osaka in the previous round, which was her third win over the Japanese this season. Can Bencic advance into a first major semi-final when she comes up against close friend Vekic, who has been threatening to make a big move at a slam for a while now and is playing in her first quarter-final at this level?

Another fantastic opportunity to make a slam semi-final awaits Gael Monfils and Matteo Berrettini as the pair clash in the second quarter-final of the day. Monfils is no stranger to U.S. Open semi-finals having made the final four during his career-best 2016 season, and he will fancy his chances against Berrettini, who is having a breakout season and competing in his first slam quarter-final.

Bianca Andreescu will then look to continue her sparkling run of form when she faces Elise Mertens to launch the night session. Andreescu, yet to be defeated in a full match since February, is arguably the hottest player on tour at the moment (or second hottest after Serena’s statement win over Wang), but she will be in for a tough match against Mertens, who hasn’t dropped more than three games in a set this tournament and is a former Australian Open semi-finalist.

It’s set to be another spectacular day of tennis live from Flushing Meadows as the last four semi-finalists are confirmed - make sure you join us here once again as we cover all the action on our live blog!

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U.S. Open 2019 Day 10 live scores, updates and commentary - Semi-final line-up to be confirmed on Day 10

The 2019 U.S. Open semi-finalists will be decided on Wednesday September 4 as three-time champion Rafael Nadal and others look to lead the charge into the final four: live updates, scores and commentary from Day 10 at Flushing Meadows.

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