Coronavirus: Nadal assures of safety of young players in the Rafael Nadal Academy

leyeaduloju in News 17 Mar 2020
Rafael Nadal (PA Sport)

World No. 2, Rafael Nadal has assured parents that their children in the Rafael Nadal Academy are being well taken care of, amidst global concerns over the coronavirus.

Situated in Mallorca, the Rafael Nadal Academy houses young players from over 42 countries throughout the year.

In an open letter published on the academy’s website, Nadal explained that many of the students have had to stay in back due to “family and logistical reasons”, while assuring that they are being well looked after within the facility.

“I would like to take this opportunity to put the parents’ minds at rest and to tell you all that your children are being very well looked after by a great team that is giving their all every single minute to take care of their health”, Nadal said in the letter. “I know you want to be with your children and we hope that moment will arrive soon”.

Nadal poses with players from the Rafael Nadal Academy in January (PA Sport)

Nadal said the academy has been in communication with health authorities within the region, and that all necessary measures have been put in place to safeguard the health and safety of the players. The academy has been closed to the public since Saturday as a measure of guarding against the infection and spread of the COVID-19.

The Spaniard revealed that some coaching and support staff have volunteered to confine themselves within the academy so as to look after the players who have remained in Mallorca.

“On Saturday, the Academy closed to the public, the adult residencies, the gym, the museum, the shop and the restaurant, such that the players and volunteer staff who are now confined to the premises are the only people on site”, Nadal wrote. “Nobody from outside can enter and thus we are able to try and avoid any possible infection from the outside”.

“I would also like to encourage you to stay at home. These are difficult times but together we will come through them”, the 19-time major champion concluded.

Meanwhile, women’s world No. 2, Simona Halep has donated medical facilities to her country, Romania, to help in their bid to prevent the spread of the virus.

In a video posted on her Social Media accounts, Halep explained that she had donated a sum of money to help in the purchase of necessary equipment and materials, while calling on everyone to contribute whatever they can in the fight to curb the virus.

“I decided to donate a sum of money for the purchase of the necessary equipment and materials in such situations, the amount that will be directed immediately to the medical authorities in Bucharest and Constanta”, Halep said.

“I encourage everyone who can support to contribute to the joint efforts to combat this virus”.

“In the meantime, let us all take care of ourselves, be responsible and positive! God help us!”, said the Wimbledon champion.