Federer doesn’t tennis to return with no fans: ‘I hope that doesn’t happen’

andrewhendrie in News 25 May 2020
Federer Tennis Return
Roger Federer (Photo by Jason Heidrich/Icon Sportswire) (Credit Image: © Jason Heidrich/Icon SMI via ZUMA Press)

Roger Federer isn’t a fan of playing tennis in front of no fans, with the Swiss legend saying he’d prefer for the sport not to return until it’s safe to do so under normal circumstances.

Tennis is one of the safer sports to play in the world due to its social distancing nature and no physical contact, however it will likely be one of the last to return to a normal schedule because of the essential international travel required at an elite level.


However, Federer says he can’t imagine playing big tournaments without fans in attendance and instead hopes the sport doesn’t come back under that scenario.

“In my view, I can’t see an empty stadium,” Federer said while taking part in a charity event created by Gustavo Kuerten. “I can not. I hope that doesn’t happen. Even if most of the time we are training there is no one, everything is quiet, in silence.”

The 20-time major champion admitted it was a situation that the sport had to think about, but conceded it would be ‘very difficult’ for him to return with zero atmosphere.

“For us, of course, it is possible to play without any fans,” he said. “But on the other hand, I really hope that the circuit can return as it normally is. May we wait for the appropriate time to return to normal mode again. At least a third of the stadium or half full. But for me, completely empty when playing in big tournaments is very difficult.”

Federer also gave on update on how he’s passing the time during quarantine, revealing that he hasn’t been training and won’t start until a return date for the sport is announced.

“I’m not training at the moment because I don’t see a reason for that to be honest,” he said. “I am happy with my body now and I still believe that the lap of the circuit is a long way off. And I think it’s important for my head at this point to enjoy this break after playing so much tennis.

“I don’t miss it so much. I will feel it eventually when I am close to returning and have a goal to train for. I’m going to be super motivated.”