Federer volley challenge goes viral on social media

andrewhendrie in News 09 Apr 2020
Federer Volley Challenge
Federer during his volley challenge video (Instagram)

Roger Federer is finding innovative ways to keep playing #Tennisathome, posting a volleying challenge video that is lighting up social media.

Inviting fellow players, other athletes and fans alike to make their own videos, Federer positions himself close against a wall and proceeds to engage in some rapid-fire volleys.


There’s only one condition: you must wear audacious headwear.

Great rival Novak Djokovic was inspired to take up the challenge – but the wall got the better of him in the end. Maybe because he didn’t wear a hat…

Reigning Australian Open champion Sofia Kenin and teenage star Coco Gauff also uploaded videos of themselves taking on the ‘Federer Volley Challenge’.

Martina Navratilova, arguably the greatest volleyer of all time, got in on the action, opting to approach the wall before retreating to showcase all of her skills.

On the other hand, former World No. 1 Andy Roddick – who only came to the net to shake hands during his playing days – isn’t quite ready to post his own video yet…

But the winner of the Federer volley challenge so far might just be UCLA tennis coach Rikus De Villiers – check out this incredible effort!

What challenge will Federer have for us next?

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