Kyrgios condemns Coric for ‘joking about a global pandemic’

hannahwilks in News 31 Jul 2020
Nick Kyrgios (Credit Image: © Jason Heidrich/Icon SMI via ZUMA Press)

Nick Kyrgios embroiled in acrimonious exchanges with ‘boring ass’ Borna Coric over pandemic safety.

The war of words between Nick Kyrgios and Borna Coric continues to escalate on Twitter, with Coric accusing Kyrgios of ‘preaching about behaviour’ while Kyrgios responded that Coric’s tennis and personality are ‘boring ass’ and bring ‘absolutely zero to the sport’.

The 25-year-old Australian has been forthright on social media about his unfavourable view of the players who participated in Novak Djokovic’s ill-fated Adria Tour, which was cancelled after several players tested positive for COVID-19.

Kyrgios was also scathing about the behaviour of Alexander Zverev, who did not test positive but was filmed partying in a crowded bar a few days after he had promised to self-isolate.

Borna Coric, one of those players who tested positive for COVID-19 after participating in the Adria Tour, drew Kyrgios’s ire after he suggested that the Australian ‘likes being a general after the battle’.

‘Zverev behaved badly, but I don’t understand the need to criticise a colleague like that,’ Coric said.

Kyrgios shot back with some unflattering remarks about Coric’s intelligence (‘intellectual level = 0’) and asking ‘Do you have rocks in your head?’

Coric did not take kindly to Kyrgios’s inferences, enquiring sarcastically whether Kyrgios – who has had a string of run-ins with authority, most recently being given a suspended ban of 16 weeks and a fine of $113,000 after an ATP investigation found a pattern of verbal abuse of officials and spectators – was really in a position to lecture others.


Kyrgios derided Coric for making light of the global health crisis, but rather undercut his attempt to take the moral high ground by claiming that he was ‘a tad bored watching your boring ass tennis and personality bringing absolutely zero to the game’.


When journalist Ben Rothenberg, with whom Kyrgios has also had run-ins in the past, drew attention to the tweets, Kyrgios underlined his point, claiming it was ‘embarrassing’ to compare his antics on the court, such as swearing at officials, to engaging in risky behaviours during a global pandemic.

Kyrgios has previously criticised the USTA’s attempts to go ahead with the US Open, currently scheduled to be played behind closed doors in New York as part of a two-tournament bubble with the Wesetrn & Southern Open, calling them ‘selfish’. While Kyrgios’s name appeared on the player entry list for the Western & Southern Open, the Australian was quick to confirm that he won’t be participating, following in the footsteps of compatriot Ashleigh Barty; the world no. 1 released a statement on Thursday that she won’t be travelling to the USA for the Western & Southern Open and US Open, citing ‘significant risks involved’.