Murray shanks ball into neighbour’s garden [VIDEO]

andrewhendrie in News 11 May 2020
Andy Murray Neighbour's Garden
Murray hitting at home (Instagram)

Andy Murray proved that even Grand Slam champions need constant practice to stay in shape after firing a tennis ball into his neighbour’s garden upon his return to light hitting.

Picking up a racquet for the first time in almost two months, Murray uploaded a short video to Instagram of himself hitting against a wall at home.

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The former World No. 1 started off in solid enough fashion, connecting nicely with a series of forehands.

However, when it came to switching wings and striking that first backhand, Murray found himself in trouble, shanking a shot over the wall.

The three-time major champion was then left with the rather embarrassing prospect of having to ask his neighbours for his ball back.

He wrote: “Hit some forehands and backhands for the first time in 7 weeks today… it didn’t end well… #neighboursgarden”

Murray also got more than be bargained for in his Instagram post, with Australian maverick Nick Kyrgios popping up in the comments.

Kyrgios and Murray have always had a strong relationship and the Australian wants to reconnect with the Scot via an Instagram live session on Saturday.

“Hahahahahahahaha – Muzz Instagram live? Let’s get some banter going. Let’s set this up.”

Murray accepted the invitation, but only on one condition.

“I’m in so long as you promise to behave,” Murray responded.

Murray is attempting to regain his fitness and overall tennis sharpness after missing the start of the 2020 season due to a pelvic injury sustained in November last year at the Davis Cup Finals.

With talk of a domestic British competition taking place during Wimbledon’s now-vacant spot on the summer tennis calendar (organised in part by Andy’s brother Jamie), fans can expect – fitness permitting of course – to see Murray back on a tennis over the coming months.