Nadal, Gasol launch fundraiser to help fight coronavirus in Spain

leyeaduloju in News 27 Mar 2020
Rafael Nadal (PA Sport)

Spanish greats, Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol have launched a fund-raising campaign to help victims of the coronavirus outbreak in their home country, Spain.

The Spaniards say they want to give back to the country that nurtured them, and always stood by them throughout their careers.

Spain is one of the worst hit countries by the coronavirus outbreak, with over 4000 deaths already recorded in the country.

“The Spanish people have never let us athletes down. We are what we are because of them,” said Nadal. “We cannot let them down now.”

The world No. 2 conceived the idea of the fundraiser, after which he reached out to good friend, Gasol. Both players have already made their contributions to the campaign, which is being done in collaboration with the Red Cross.

Two-time NBA champion and current Milwaukee Bucks star, Gasol said the target is to raise up to 11 million euros to cater for those worst affected by the virus.

“Spanish athletes have always tried to make our nation proud, today we want to go beyond that,” Gasol said.

“We want to raise 11 million euros and help 1.34 million people, those hardest hit by coronavirus,” continued the 39-year-old.

“My contribution and Rafa’s too have already been made and I hope the whole of Spanish sport will rally behind us”.

Other Spanish sporting icons have since joined in the fundraiser, with former national football captain and Real Madrid great, Iker Casillas stating on social media that he has already contributed to the cause.

Former Spanish coach and current Sevilla manager, Jose Lopetegui, has also made a donation, while calling on other Spaniards to join the campaign.

“I hope all athletes will join this initiative and we can return, even if in a small amount, all that support that we have all enjoyed in our careers.”