Patrick McEnroe tests positive for coronavirus

andrewhendrie in News 02 Apr 2020
Patrick McEnroe Coronavirus
Patrick McEnroe has tested positive for COVID-19 (Twitter)

Former French Open champion and current ESPN commentator Patrick McEnroe has confirmed he’s tested positive for COVID-19.

The 53-year-old announced the news on Tuesday in a video message on social media, saying he tested positive to the coronavirus after visiting a test centre in Westchester County, which is the second-most populous county in New York – the new epicentre of the deadly disease.

McEnroe is now the second member of the tennis community to publicly disclose their positive test for COVID-19 after rising Brazilian star Thiago Seyboth Wild announced he’d contracted the disease earlier this month.

“It did come back positive, that’s the bad news. The good news is I feel fine,” said McEnroe. “My symptoms have passed. I feel 100 percent. My wife Melissa is doing an unbelievable job taking care of the house, the kids and myself.”

As mentioned, New York is battling to stay afloat amid the global pandemic, developing into the American epicentre with New York City alone accounting for more than half of the state’s 75,000 coronavirus cases as of Tuesday afternoon.

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McEnroe is an ever-present member fo the ESPN broadcast team, often commentating alongside his legendary brother John at the biggest tournaments throughout the world.

While his career didn’t reach the lofty heights of his brother, Patrick did win the French Open doubles in 1989 and also reached the semi-finals of the 1991 Australian Open in singles.

In retirement, Patrick took over from John as the USA Davis Cup captain, leading the team to the title in 2007. McEnroe also served as the USTA’s General Manager of Player Development from 2008-14.

“We’ve been on full quarantine, our entire household, for well over two weeks now. I encourage everyone to do the same. Let’s get this thing,” McEnroe added. “I’m an example of someone that’s been able to fight through it. Thoughts and prayers to all those people who are struggling with this. We’ve got to listen and stay home.”