Tsitsipas reveals Kyrgios’ phone number in birthday prank

andrewhendrie in News 29 Apr 2020
Tsitsipas Kyrgios Phone Number
Tsitsipas’ photo on Instagram

Turning 25 is a special moment and Nick Kyrgios certainly experienced a memorable birthday earlier this week courtesy of fellow star Stefanos Tsitsipas.

As the standard tributes and birthday wishes flooded in on social media, the enigmatic Tsitsipas decided to do something different with his celebratory Instagram post.


The Greek uploaded a picture of himself holding up a cardboard sign with the caption: ‘Lift others up’. The kicker – Kyrgios’ phone number was written on the cardboard with another caption: ‘Call Me’.

And, that’s precisely what everyone did.

Kyrgios quickly jumped in the comments, playfully branding Tsitsipas as an ‘absolute idiot’ and pleading with everyone to stop calling him.

“Please. I understand that Tsitsipas posted my number on his Instagram. Please stop calling me. I can’t even play music. I can’t do anything. Please stop calling my cell phone.”

However, all may not be as it seems.

According to Bastien Fachan on Twitter, who claimed to have spoken to Tsitsipas, the ‘prank’ was pre-arranged by the pair.

Makes perfect sense – you’d assume Tsitsipas wouldn’t just reveal Kyrgios’  phone number without permission to millions of people around the world.

Whatever the case, Kyrgios will probably still have to change his phone number now….