ATP Tour Finals 2019: Eight stats about the player field for the ATP’s season-ending championships

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Rafael Nadal leads the field at the 2019 Nitto ATP Finals

Eight crucial stats on the player field for the 2019 Nitto ATP Finals.

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With an eclectic mix of all-time greats and fresh faces, the eight-player draw for the 2019 ATP Finals promises an intriguing week of tennis at the O2 Arena, as the eight best players of the season face off for one of the biggest titles in men’s tennis.
Defending champion Alexander Zverev is joined by the ‘Big Three’ of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, who between them have won the ATP Finals 11 times, as well as French Open finalist Dominic Thiem and three first-time contenders: US Open finalist Daniil Medvedev, Australian Open semifinalist Stefanos Tsitsipas and rising Italian Matteo Berrettini.
The 2019 Nitto ATP Finals takes place at London’s O2 Arena from 10-17 November as the eight players, divided into groups of four, face off in round-robin matches with the top two players from each group going through to the semifinals.
How well do you know the elite eight? We bring you eight crucial stats to know about the field for the 2019 Nitto ATP Finals.

Best winning percentage vs the field

Of all the numbers to know about the 2019 Nitto ATP Finals field, this is a crucial one
We’ve looked at how each player in the field for the ATP Finals fares against the other seven, and it turns out that only three of them – Nadal, Djokovic and Thiem – have a winning head-to-head against the others. 
The best winning record vs the field belongs, fittingly, to top seed Nadal, who has a brilliant 70-49 record against the other seven players who will be competing at the O2 Arena this year. That translates to a 58.8% record against the rest.
Djokovic and Thiem are the only other players to have won more than 50% of their matches against the other seven. Djokovic is 68-57 (54.4%) against the rest of the field while Thiem has a 24-23 (51%) record against the rest.
The player with the worst record against the field – Berrettini – is also the player who has faced the others the fewest times, with just 10 total matches played against the other seven. Nadal, Djokovic and Federer have all played over 100 matches against the rest of the field.
Here is each player’s record against the rest of the field.

Records vs the field

Player vs the field Percentage
Rafael Nadal 70-49 58.8%
Novak Djokovic 68-57 54.4%
Dominic Thiem 24-23 51%
Roger Federer 49-59 45.4%
Daniil Medvedev 10-14 41.7%
Alexander Zverev 15-21 41.7%
Stefanos Tsitsipas 10-18 35.7%
Matteo Berrettini 2-8 20%

The player with the best record against the other members of their group at the Nitto ATP Finals is Nadal.
This is not too surprising given that he has the best record vs the field of all eight players. But it certainly helps that all three of the players who have scored multiple victories against him – Djokovic, Federer and Thiem – are all in the other group. The only player in Group Andre Agassi to have defeated Nadal is Tsitsipas, who did so at the Madrid Masters in the spring. Nadal’s overall record vs his group is 11-1 (91.7%).

Most experienced player

When it comes to experience of playing at the Nitto ATP Finals, there is a huge gulf between the Big Three and the rest of the field.
Federer is far and away the most experienced ATP Finals player in the 2019 field, having played the year-end championships on no fewer than 16 previous occasions. He has also won the title more times than anybody else in the field or out, triumphing a record six times (in Houston 2003-4, Shanghai 2006-7 and London 2010-11). He has also finished runner-up three times, bringing his total of appearances in the final of the ATP Finals up to nine.
As a consequence, Federer has played more ATP Finals matches than anybody else, 72 over the course of his 16 appearances, followed by five-time champion Djokovic with 47 matches played over 11 appearances and Nadal with 29 matches played over eight appearances.
Over the rest of the field, three – Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Berrettini – are playing the ATP Finals for the first time. Thiem has played the year-end championships three times, playing nine matches in total, and Zverev twice, playing eight.

Records at the ATP Finals

Player Appearances Best result Win-loss Total matches played Winning percentage
Roger Federer 16 Champion (2003-4, 2006-7, 2010-11) 57-15 72 79.2%
Novak Djokovic 11 Champion (2008, 2012-15) 35-12 57 74.5%
Alexander Zverev 2 Champion (2018) 5-3 8 62.5%
Rafael Nadal 8 Runner-up (2010, 2014) 16-13 29 55.2%
Dominic Thiem 3 Round-robin (2016-18) 3-6 9 33.3%

Best record at the ATP Finals

Unsurprisingly, the best record at the ATP Finals among the field belongs to six-time champion Federer.
Federer has won 57 of the 72 matches he has played at the ATP Finals, giving him a winning percentage of 79.1%. 
Also unsurprisingly, it’s five-time champion Djokovic who follows him most closely, having won 35 of his 57 matches at the ATP Finals for a record of 74.4%. Defending champion Zverev has a 5-3 (62.5%) win-loss record.
The worst record in the field belongs to Thiem, who has failed to get out of his group on each of his three previous appearances, establishing a 3-6 win-loss record he will be looking to improve on in 2019.

Best record in London

While Federer has the best record at the ATP Finals overall, in the decade since the year-end championships were held in London at the O2 Arena it’s Djokovic who has dominated.
When considering only the editions of the tournament that have taken place at its current location, Djokovic has the best record. Both he and Federer have played at the O2 Arena nine times, with Djokovic winning the title four times during that timespan and recording a 32-8 win-loss record (80%) to Federer’s two titles and 30-11 record (73.2%).

Indoor hard courts in 2019

Three of the eight players in the field are unbeaten on indoor hard courts in 2019 (no prizes for guessing which three).
Federer and Djokovic both won the only indoor hard court event they played in 2019, Federer going 5-0 to win the Swiss Indoors Basel and Djokovic 6-0 to claim the Paris Masters title. Nadal, meanwhile, only played Paris but a walkover in the semifinals due to an abdominal injury gives him a 4-0 record on indoor hard courts in 2019.
Among the other five, the best record on indoor hard courts in 2019 belongs to Medvedev, who went 12-2, claiming 250 titles in Sofia and St Petersburg. 
The worst record in the field belongs to Zverev, the defending ATP Finals champion, who won four of the seven matches he played on indoor hard courts in 2019.

Most wins in 2019

Nobody has won more matches in 2019 than Medvedev, who went 59-18 during a breakthrough season which has seen him reach the US Open final and win Masters 1000 Series titles in Cincinnati and Shanghai, among other incredible achievements. Djokovic is his closest rival with 53 matches won in 2019, followed by Federer and Nadal with 51.
The best winning record of 2019 in percentage terms, however, belongs to Nadal, who won 51 of the 57 matches he played this year for an 89.5% winning rate. Four of those six defeats came at the hands of players also in the ATP Finals field: Djokovic in the Australian Open final, Thiem in the semifinals of the Barcelona Open, Tsitsipas at the Madrid Masters and Federer in the Wimbledon semifinals.


Looking at the tie-break records of the eight players in the ATP Finals field over the 2019 season reveals a clear split, with five players having won more than 70% of the tie-breaks they have played while the remaining three all have winning records in the 50-60% range.
The five players who have won above 70% of their tie-breaks this season are Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Federer, Djokovic and Nadal. Of the five, the best record belongs to Djokovic who has won 14 of the 18 tie-breaks he has played, a winning rate of 77.8%, followed by Medvedev (23-8, 74.2%) and Federer (20-7, 74.1%).

Tie-break records in 2019

Player Win-loss %
Novak Djokovic 14-4 77.8%
Daniil Medvedev 23-8 74.2%
Roger Federer 20-7 74.1%
Rafael Nadal 10-4 71.4%
Stefanos Tsitsipas 30-12 71.4%
Dominic Thiem 16-11 59.2%
Alexander Zverev 20-14 58.8%
Matteo Berrettini 21-16 56.7%

After winning or losing the first set

How well or how poorly do players in the ATP Finals fare when winning or losing the first set?
All eight players in the field, when winning the first set, have gone on to win the majority of their matches in 2019, with the best record of all belonging to Nadal, who has only lost one match this year after winning the first set (against Kyrgios in Acapulco).
The worst record belongs to defending champion Zverev, who has lost seven matches after winning the first set and has an overall 38-7 record (84.4%).

After winning the first set in 2019

Player Record %
Rafael Nadal 40-1 98%
Novak Djokovic 50-4 92.6%
Dominic Thiem 37-3 92.5%
Daniil Medvedev 54-5 91.5%
Roger Federer 44-4 91.2%
Stefanos Tsitsipas 39-4 90.7%
Matteo Berrettini 32-5 86.5%
Alexander Zverev 38-7 84.4%

When it comes to how players have fared after losing the first set, however, it is quite a different story with the best record in the field by some margin belonging to Federer. On seven of the 11 occasions that he has lost the first set of one of his matches in 2019, he has gone on to win – a record of 63.6%, the only player in the field to have a record above 50%. This suggests that Federer has had some slow starts in 2019 but has been excellent at shaking them off.
The worst record in the field belongs to Zverev, who has won just four of the 20 matches he has played after losing the first set (20%). This is indicative of the lack of confidence, and tendency to get sucked into a downwards spiral, which have been characteristic of the German in 2019.

Record in 2019 after losing the first set

Player Record %
Roger Federer 7-4 63.6%
Dominic Thiem 9-14 39.1%
Matteo Berrettini 10-16 38.5%
Novak Djokovic